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California and New York are the two most profitable states. As you can see, Texas is the least profitable. The blue color represents positive profitability, and the red represents states with negative profitability. Surprisingly, the majority of states in the US do not experience much profit
As you can see from this graph, the overall profit in California has been on the upward trend since 2011. Another thing that you can see from the graph is that the store experiences dips in profitability during the first two quarters of each year.
This graph breaks the profitability of California as a whole into the three categories: 1) Furniture, 2) Technology, 3) Office Supplies. Office supplies is the most profitable category, followed by Technology, and then Furniture.
The total sales for california are forecasted to November 2015; the forecast shows the projected first and second quarter dips that the store experiences every year in california but also shows a slight increase in overall profitability from Q4 2014 to Q4 2015.